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Push connect fittings

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When it comes to pneumatic systems, reliability and efficiency are crucial. Our Push-to-Connect fittings are designed to address these needs by offering a secure, leak-proof connection that can be installed quickly and effortlessly.

Push-to-connect fittings, also known as one-touch fittings or quick-connect fittings, are a type of pipe fitting that allows for easy and efficient connection and disconnection of pneumatic hoses and tubing without any tools required. They are widely used in pneumatic systems due to their convenience, reliability, and versatility.

Key Features of Our Push Connect Fittings

Our push to connect pneumatic fittings offer a range of key features that make them ideal for various applications. They are designed to meet the demands of both air and gas systems, providing versatility and reliability. Here are some of the key features of our push connect fittings:

  • Leak-Proof and Secure Connection: Reliable seals prevent accidental disconnection and ensures airtight seals, crucial for maintaining system integrity.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Tubing Types: Compatabile with various types of tubing materials like nylon, polyurethane, and Teflon. Each type of fitting is available in multiple size options to fit different tubing sizes.

  • Material Strength: Made from premium materials, these fittings are ideal for both air and gas applications. Their durable construction stands up to wear and tear, making them suitable for demanding environments.

  • Easy Installation and Disassembly: Allow for quick, tool-free connections and disconnections, facilitating easy system modifications and repairs.

  • Cost-Effective: By minimizing installation time, eliminating the need for additional tools, and reducing potential leaks, push to connect fittings offer significant cost savings.

Types of Push-Connect Fittings

Our comprehensive range of push-to-connect air fittings caters to various applications and systems, each requiring a specific connection type. Our push to connect tube fittings come in sizes ranging from ⅛” to ½”.

  1. Straight Fittings: Connect two tubing runs in a straight line.

  2. Elbow Fittings: Designed to change the direction of a tubing run at a 90 degree angle.

  3. Tee and Y Fittings: Used to connect three tubing runs, creating a branch in the pneumatic system in either a T or a Y shape.

  4. Cross Fittings: Connects four pipes or tubes in a cross-shape configuration, allowing for complex configurations in multi-directional systems. Perfect for integrating multiple inputs and outputs in a compact space.

  5. Reducer Fittings: Can connect tubing of different diameters, enabling a smooth transition between different sizes.

  6. Bulkhead Fittings: Bulkhead fittings allow tubing to pass through a panel or enclosure while maintaining a secure connection. They are commonly used in control panels, instrumentation systems, and other applications where tubing needs to enter or exit an enclosed space.

  7. Manifold Fittings: Distributes air or gas to multiple outlets from a single input source, reducing the need for multiple fittings.

  8. Flow Control Fittings: Incorporates a built-in valve, allowing regulation of the airflow speed. This control is achieved by simply rotating the attached screw.

  9. Push In Plug Fitting: Ideal for temporarily or permanently sealing the ends of tubing, these fittings are easy to install and remove.

Choosing the Right Fittings for Your System

If you need help deciding the best push to connect fitting for your pneumatic system, we are happy to help. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you find the best match for your specific needs, whether it’s for industrial automation, HVAC systems, or even a home DIY project.

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