Impact type vibrators---SK/SX80
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Impact type vibrators---SK/SX80

There is a strong magnet inside the hammer, before the action of the magnetic hammer with the magnetic sheet tightly ,when the air pressure is greater than the suction pressure, the magnetic hammer is separated from the magnetic disk ,the downward impact produced strong impact .After the impact, the return spring will return the magnetic hammer to its original position, and it will be absorbed again with the magnetic sheet
  • SK/SX80


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Product Description

Product features

• Single-impact type, each action produces a shock wave 
• High strength aluminum alloy hardening treatment, light weight 
• Impact and shock interval should be adjusted according to demand 
• By utilizing the suction force of the magnet, the hammer has the function of storing pressure and improving the impact force of the air hammer. 


The air hammer output can be used only for a small range for a single impact, the least impact on other equipment ,the impact will not cause the high moisture content of raw materials to have water precipitation or mixture of raw materials for the separation ,it commonly used in tank cleaning, pipeline clogging or elbow, high water content or mixed raw materials or low proportion of material tank


1.When the air pressure is less than the magnetic force of the two adsorption, the magnetic hammerheadis closely connected with the magnetic sheet 2 when the air pressure is greater than the magnetic force, the magnetic hammer is instantly out of impact 3.After the completion of the impact of the magnetic hammer, the solenoid valve will be discharged from the inside of the air, the return of the magnetic hammer to the upper end of the spring and the magnetic suction


First generation air hammer Working pressure Strike period Air consumption  Impact force Corresponding hammer Weight
Model Mpa Times/Min.  L/time N.M Pound Kg
SX-30 0.3~0.7 1~30 0.05~0.15 5.5~13 less than 1 1.25
SX-40 0.3~0.7 1~25 0.15~0.35 9.5~22 1~1.5 2.2
SX-60 0.4~0.7 1~20 0.30~0.55 20~49 1.5~3 5.35
SX-80 0.4~0.7 1~15 0.40~1.30 55~110 3.0~5.5 11.2
SX-100 0.4~0.7 1~10 0.85~1.60 100~220 7.5~12 12.05

1481594263929605.gif       1.png


First generation air hammer H C B A D Inlet Exhaust
Model mm mm mm mm mm G G
SX-30 9 67 82 135 16 1/8 1/8
SX-40 11 75 98 175 18 1/4 1/4
SX-60 15 105 142 220 20 1/4 1/4
SX-80 17 140 170 275 25 3/8 3/8
SX-100 17 150 195 310 25 3/8 3/8


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