CJ2 Series Stainless Steel Cylinder
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CJ2 Series Stainless Steel Cylinder

Pneumatic cylinder are always called acting components.it is controlled by directional valves.
We have tie-rod air cylinder for Asia market and ISO6431/VDMA24562 standard pneumatic cylinder for international market,also we have square cylinder according toDIN24335 standard,compact cylinder and ISO6432 round mini air cylinders are in mass production,the double shaft,Guided cylinder,slide cylinder,pen cylinder,Needle cylinder are also provided as normal.
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Our Company is ISO-9001 certified, with a history of 10 years in providing Pneumatic Components

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  ADD : Xikou Industry Zone,Fenghua,Ningbo,China
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  E-MAIL : ken@thkpc.com
  WECHAT : Nbcxb2014 
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