Auto Drain Valve ASCO/MA Series
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Auto Drain Valve ASCO/MA Series

ASCO/MA:Machine Type(ASCO/MA series)
GW10/G14:Drain Principle
(G: lever type;W:External thread;10/14:The figure is stand for the water drainage outlet’s diameter)
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Product Description

Technical Parameter

Remarks:This machine is applicable for Filter ASCO

•Range of Application

•This product is installed at the bottom of water cups which are automatic drainers, air filter regulators and it can auto discharge the condense water gathered in the water cup.
•Technical Requirements
•Working medium:compress air / Ambient and media temperature:5-60℃ / Operating Pressure:0.2-0.8MPa
•Auto drain / Air Shut off/Manual Drain
•Points for Attention
•When using, the drainer should be installed vertically and the drain port facing down.

Overall Dimension



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