1" Plastic Zero Differential Solenoid Valve
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1" Plastic Zero Differential Solenoid Valve

Our PSL-25 line of Engineered Nylon Plastic electric solenoid valves are 1” semi-direct lift valves operating from a normally closed position. Normally closed valves stop the flow of media between the valves ports until power is applied, applying power causing the valve to open and media to pass through. This valve is unidirectional two-way valve which means it has two ports, one in which the media flows into the valve and the second where the media exits the valve. This is conveniently labeled with an arrow to indicate the direction of flow.
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Product Description


One of the most common sizes in valves, the PSL-25 line of 1” PA66 Engineered Plastic Normally Closed Electric Solenoid Valve is extremely versatile. Manufactured from PA66 Engineered Plastic or “Nylon” this valve is completely lead free and an excellent choice for potable water and home projects, as well as many other professional uses. These valves boast an EPDM seal allowing it to withstand a wider range of temperatures than NBR or Viton and offers outstanding resistance to dilute acids, ketones, and alkalis. Along with potable water this valve can be used with air, gas, fuel, and food-grade applications.

This valve comes in 5 different common coil voltage configurations, 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC and 220VAC. The coils have an H Class Insulation Rating and a IP65 or NEMA 4 waterproof level making it great for indoor or outdoor use and have a DIN Connector allowing installers to run their own wires in to the screw-down terminals inside the connector. The coil is a step-up in power from the smaller valve sizes allowing this valve to open and close instantaneously (under one second) and function properly up to 90 PSI or with no minimum pressure or gravity feed applications.

This is a uni-directional, 2-way semi-direct normally closed electric solenoid valve meaning it has two ports but only operates in one direction. This is indicated clearing by an arrow molded into the body. Normally Closed means that this valve will remain closed until power is applied to the coil, once applied the valve with spring open and once power is removed the valve will revert to closed.

The PSL-25 has a 1” female NPT threaded port. It can manage media with a CST of 20 or below and has a flow rate of 12Cv (Appx 92 GPM @ 60 PSI) and a temperature range of 15°F to 250°F and a pressure range of 0-90PSI.

A pre-filter is recommended to keep the diaphragm free from debris and the valve functioning properly.

*Consult a chemical compatibility expert for correct seal and valve body material choice.



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